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Critter Barn, Holland, Michigan

A favorite Holland-area attraction for kids is the Critter Barn, located just outside of town in Zeeland. There families can learn how a farm operates and interact with farm animals like goats, ducks, chickens, rabbits, donkeys and more. Kids can hold big, furry bunnies or cradle newborn chicks in their hands.  They can enter a chicken coop, pet goats and watch a pot-bellied pig perform tricks.

The spot began as a family farm for a teacher and her brood.  As friends asked if they could bring their classes to the farm for field trips, she realized that she could create a unique resource for agricultural education in the Holland area and the Critter Barn was born.

The Critter Barn offers family tours and field trips when school is in session. In summer they offer tours and camps for kids interested in learning more about the animals and their care.

The Critter Barn offers events throughout the year, like a hoedown fundraiser in fall and a live nativity scene in winter.  Please check the website for information about upcoming events, hours and pricing.

Contact Info:
Critter Barn
9275 Adams St
Zeeland, MI 49464
phone: 616.748.1110

Reender’s Blueberry Farm, Grand Haven

Picking blueberries in Grand Haven, Michigan.A few miles south of Grand Haven along U.S. 31 is Reenders Blueberry Farm. It was the last week of July when we drove our car down a dirt 2-track until we reached the U-pick sign, then parked and let the kids out among the rows of bushes laden with the silvery blue berries. We began picking, accompanied by the sounds of satisfying thunks as a fat berries hit the bottoms of our pails. U-Pick blueberries in Grand Haven, Michigan.Because the bushes had been full of fat, juicy berries, I was convinced I had chosen the perfect week for picking, but the girl at the register told me that they grow a number of different varieties of blueberries on the farm that mature at different rates, so that just about every week of the season there’s something ripening. She said the picking season lasts from early July to Labor Day, sometimes later, depending on the weather. There’s a little market with a choice of products – canned vanilla peaches, dried cherries and raspberry jam, to name a few, as well as blueberry pancake mix, blueberry jelly, blueberry scones and more. Reender’s operates on a cash only basis, so stop at the ATM before you get there.

Contact Info:
Reender’s Blueberry Farm
9981 West Olive rd (US 31)
West Olive, MI 49460
(616) 842-5238